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 my moderator app

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Join date : 2010-05-20

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PostSubject: my moderator app   my moderator app EmptyThu May 20, 2010 3:56 pm

When i Started gamer-scape As My First ever Runescape Private Server, I Had a Great And Well Behaved Influence On The Community. When i started Dodian I Was like.. "Wow, This is okay;" Then i thaught to myself, I'll Make new Friends And Enjoy Playing Dodian,' Then i Asked Some of my Mates to join this server; They Said to Meh; "Wow Thank's For Inviting Me Joe!" Or Something Like that Ans they Realy LIKED And ENJOYED Dodian; I Met Good and Very Kind Dodian Players and Started Being friends With Them. One Person in Mind That helped Me Throughout Dodian Was A Moderator Called "Pureskiller"A Very Good Mate of Minee. Well That Was My History; Hope You Read And Enjoy My History;]

Age: 16. - 17 In September.

Why you should be a mod: Why Should I Be A Mod? Well.. I Have A Good Personalality And a Very High Standard Of Attitude And A Good Standard Of Behaviour. And will Help AnyBody That need's My Help And will Help Make The Community Better and Make it a Safer Enviourment For People To Play in.

What you will bring to the staff team: I have a LOAD things I could bring to the Dodian team. I am Very smart. And Outstanding, I know how to handle situations, and don't take Things As a Joke I Take them Seriously, I am very patient, I think I May Got What it Takes To Become A Moderator And i Know what my Expectations Are of being a Moderator. And I Know How Things Are done Around Here.

Have you been on staff before? Well.. Not On gamer-scape No; But on Other Runescape Private Server's; Yes i have, i have Been An Owner of my Very Own Server, but.. I Shut Down, As i do not want to Ruin Runescape's Economy.

Thank you for letting me fill out this application, and I mean what I've siad; about everything.. I'd be very pleased on thaking on the job and helping out the economy and i'd be upset if I don't but also.. if I don't get the job.. I'd be very pleased on playing dodian and still helping out the community..
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PostSubject: Re: my moderator app   my moderator app EmptySat Aug 14, 2010 10:08 pm

i say no
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PostSubject: Re: my moderator app   my moderator app EmptySun Sep 12, 2010 10:06 am

is this server ever up? and can some1 un ban me from chat box..?
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Join date : 2010-03-21

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PostSubject: Re: my moderator app   my moderator app EmptyThu Nov 11, 2010 5:03 am

rofl guys gamers is back up with new owner ship me metroman and jack own it ip is same source new owners new players hope you guys enjoy and play!
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PostSubject: Re: my moderator app   my moderator app Empty

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my moderator app
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